Are You Making The Best Of The Sale Opportunity?

•The Team here at are well placed to give you an honest and straight forward opinion as to why your property has not sold, and also give you their advice as to what you can do to enhance your chances of a sale in 2013.

•Let us provide you with a no-nonsense report detailing the condition of your property to assist you and your Estate Agent getting the most out of this chance to sell your house, by making good any faults that are preventing a sale.

•We all know that the market is slow but that has remained the excuse for compliancy for too long. Lets do something about getting a buyer and that means being ready.
•We all know that you want to sell your property, which is why it’s For Sale now. Are you getting the viewings but not the illusive buyer? Its not often always about price, its more often about presentation and condition.
•Give us a call for a free no obligation chat? You have nothing to loose by calling and speaking to us.
•We are not trying to take your business from your Estate Agent.
•We are here to help you sell your property

Preparing to Buy in the East Midlands

A Condition Report or Pre-Acquisition Report is an essential requirement to ensure peace of mind. If you commission us to provide you with a report, then you can use this report to negotiate a more profitable purchase price.

Once you have decided that you have found the right property for you, then this is the time to establish the correct value. A professional pre-acquisition condition report will provide you with the information to make an informed decision on probably the biggest purchase of your life.

We are currently offering a special shortened report at a reduced price for the first 50 applicants in the East Midlands area

Having Problems Selling Your Home?

Call in the Experts!

Let us help you by giving you an honest opinion. We can help you by advising your existing Estate Agent! Make the best presentation possible – Property Maintenance – Decoration – Furnishing