Business Relocation Service

Relocating a business always hinges on one thing: meticulous planning and that’s something we excel at. So whether you’re moving 300 feet or 300 miles, our business relocation team can handle any type or size of project, leaving your business to continue run as usual.

We can Project Manage the whole project from beginning to end, working closely with you and your team to plan every detail before, during and after the move. They will sit down with you and consider all the moving issues – strategic planning, entry and exit routes, interior design, refurbishment, the appointment of corporate, construction and interior professionals and relocation consultants. They’ll make sure that everyone involved knows exactly what is happening and when, enabling you to maintain normal business activities during your business relocation – saving you time, effort, money and stress.

We like to think that our relocation service is renowned for its efficiency and cost effectiveness. Utilising our experienced property relocation team who will ensure your move runs smoothly and without a hitch from preparation and planning through to your move day and beyond. We have Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze Services available.

Our relocation service can be tailored to your needs but our Platinum Service can include all of the following features:

  • Finding the ideal property for you (please also see our Site Finding Service)
  • Negotiating the best lease terms including rents and break clauses (or acquisition price and terms, if you are buying) (please also see our Site Finding Service)
  • Condition Survey (please see our Property Condition Services)
  • Negotiating Business Rates. (please see our Business Rates Service)
  • Layout planning of your new property which will including drafting plans for optimum space usage and design and layout features to your precise specification.
  • Creation of a ‘move’ timetable, agreed with you and your Team.
  • Arrangement of the Office design and fit out. Ensuring that all Health and Safety matters are compliant.
  • Arrangement of the IT and telecoms fit out agreed with you and your Team.
  • Selection, Management and Arrangement of the best removal firm for you. Ensuring that all the protective packing materials, safety equipment and vehicles are in the right place at the right time.
  • Postal Service Redirection Arrangement.
  • Plus a whole range of other services to make your move run without any kind of hitch.

We recognise that all businesses have different needs so we can tailor our service to your relocation requirements.

Property Matters!