Lease Renewals and Negotiations

Do you pay too much rent or are there unforeseen problems within your lease?
Is it time for a lease renewal?
Has your lease already lapsed or expired?

Lease renewals can be a great chance to remove problem clauses and maybe even a good time to lower the rent. The vast majority of leases have exacting provisions which control when leases can be renewed. They often have severe limitations of renewal rights coupled to tight notice periods for renewal. Without proper advice those clauses can seem impossible. You also need to be totally aware of your break clauses so you can break your lease early should it be necessary. If you don’t serve notice to break at the right time you could end up paying thousands of pounds unnecessarily.

We can give you:

  • Advice based on the specific clauses within your lease.
  • Potentially renegotiate your terms.
  • Plan with you the very best strategy to give you the most excellent result.
  • Where possible reduce your rent or other onerous conditions.
  • Protect your occupancy rights.

We can advise as to whether you can change your terms, break the lease or change the terms during the currency of the lease to make sure that you get the best deal.

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