Lincoln Jeweller Saves Thousands of Pounds!

Andrew O’Dowd has secured Jolly’s Jewellers Lincoln, a reduced and more realistic Rating Assessment, which has literally saved them thousands of pounds.

For years Jolly’s had been paying over the odds to Lincoln City
Council. Andrew carefully measured the property and then after thorough investigation, initiated the valuation and Appeal Process, coupled with meticulous negotiation, with the Valuation Office Agency, that resulted in this reduced Rating Assessment. Andrew says “I am delighted that our Client will eventually, not only receive a refund due to the over payment, but will also see their payments reduced until the next Revaluation, which is scheduled to take place in 2017″

Thomas Ginever, Property Manager at Jolly’s was thrilled to hear the good news of their windfall. “I’m delighted to see that Andrew has managed to deliver exactly what he promised, after he had finished his investigations. Andrew under took Rating Surveys, for all of our Commercial Properties, and then went away for a few weeks while he thoroughly investigated those Rating Assessments. Clearly we have really benefitted from using Andrew’s expertise and rest assured we will certainly be recommending him and making sure that we use all of his services in the future.”

Historically, the Commercial Rating System attracted a considerable number of operators, who, it seems, may not necessarily have had the appropriate skills to successfully submit and negotiate their Client’s Appeals. Consequently, the official statistics demonstrate that as many as 85% of all Rating Appeals submitted are in fact withdrawn with no
reduction forthcoming. It would seem sensible therefore that no Rating Appeals should be submitted without proper investigation.

Often, an ill placed Appeal can actually indirectly result in an increased assessment. Andrew says “it is vital to make sure that any reduction proposed, can actually be achievable. As an appeal can only be made once, it is important that its made  properly, or not at all.”

Rate Payers tend to improve their properties, in their efforts to become more efficient in their businesses, unbeknown to the Valuation Office Agency. Many such improvements can and do increase Rateable Values and consequently Rates Payable.

Andrew offers a unique Rates Mitigation and Rates Checking Service, which thoroughly investigates the background to the assessment, long before any formal Appeal is submitted. Such investigation is vital to ensure that the Client’s
best interest is served.

Andrew would be delighted to arrange to investigate property, for anyone with a query about their Rating Assessment. So if you think that your Rates are too high and would like to have an informal chat, give Andrew a call.