Planned Maintenance Schedules

Do you know the current condition of your property, or do you wait until you see a tree growing out of your gutters before you arrange to have them cleaned? The vast majority of problems and defects with buildings are as a result of vegetation growing in or nearby buildings.

We can give you:

  • A Current Condition Report containing detailed photographs, with detailed commentary illustrating the condition of your property.
  • A Tailored Programme of Planned Maintenance showing our recommendations for the period that you choose.
  • An opportunity to maintain the building in optimum condition ensuring greater longevity.
  • Reduce the effect of large maintenance issues.
  • An ability to plan and monitor the ordinary day to day expenditure, or for that matter, any large expenditure which might be needed.

An optional extra of us arranging to have any work undertaken for you

Either way, whether you rent or buy, the building needs maintaining, we can help you get the plan in place and monitor that cost.

Property Matters!