Preparing Your Home For Sale

So you have decided to sell your home.

Have you considered what needs to be done to prepare the property to get the best price? Selling your home is one of the top three most stressful times in your life. So all the help you can get will both take away some of the stress and help you achieve the maximum price for your home.

Have you prepared the property for the photographs?
It’s not always as easy as inviting round the Estate Agent and giving him a coffee and a smile and then getting good news as to what he might hope to achieve for you? The more effort that you can put into preparing your home even
before the Estate Agents come round will actually make you more than you think.

Are the rooms selling themselves or does the potential purchaser have to have a vivid imagination? Advice relating to the layout of the rooms and the decoration that you choose can make the house appealing to any potential purchaser. Its always a hard piece of advice to give, but seldom does the tangerine wall go with the pink and yellow spotted carpet. If you are selling your property, then the goal is to make it appeal to the market and that doesn’t always correspond with your own personal taste.

A little investment of time and money at the beginning will reap the benefits in the long run.

If a house is homely for you doesn’t necessarily mean homely for someone else.  Are you selling your home or a blank canvas for someone to walk in and make their mark? You will certainly benefit from maximising your returns and making your home attractive to the market.

Have you done all the painting needed? One thing that potential purchasers will want is the ability to make their mark on a property and make it their home. Therefore when offering the property to the market you need to ensure that they have the opportunity of being able to change things to their particular tastes. Don’t be too attached to a particular decor, but instead make the environment as light, yet warm as you can.

Have you done all those jobs around the house?
Cleared the drains and gutters?
Cut the grass and cleared the boarders of weeds?
Cleaned the whole house from top to bottom?
Does your bathroom sparkle?
The list is endless…..

What we do to help you the most to get you the best return on your investment?

Objective and creative commentary as to how to achieve the most, so that you can achieve the maximum asking price. Give yourself the best chance to achieve the greatest return on your investment. Let us come up with the ideas to present your home in the best light and give you our fresh and professional opinion.

Do you need contractors to do those small jobs? We have a database of veritable and trustworthy trades-people who can provide you with the assistance you need.

Fix the broken, switch or power point, stop the tap dripping
Seal around the bath
Mend the leaking gutter, replace the soffit and facia boards
Clear the moss from the roof
Insulate the loft
Install modern and energy efficient lighting in those dull places. LED lighting can save you up to 90% in your lighting
Areas of brickwork need cleaning or re-pointing
Painting the shed
Fix the broken fence panel
Renew the Garden Path
Mend the Garden Gate
Replace doors
Replace/repair UPVC doors & windows
Replace/install conservatories
Again, the list is endless….

We can provide you with a Comprehensive Report which can help you get the most from the sale and therefore assist with Maximising your Returns.

Property Matters!