Property Condition Survey

Do you know everything about the condition of the property you are planning on buying or renting?

We can provide you with a Pre-Acquisition Survey or Condition Survey which will make sure that you are fully aware of the condition of your property before you agree to rent or buy. You may be able to use the report to establish a more competitive rent or purchase price.

Our reports will give you:

  • A Photographic Report with written commentary documenting the condition of the property at a specific
  • The Report can be annexed to your Lease to offset potential of future claims for dilapidation,
  • Used as a tool to reflect properly the level of rent or purchase price.
  • A greater peace of mind that there are no unknown or unforeseen issue with condition.
  • A realistic solution to the potential for future claims for dilapidation.

A pre-acquisition survey helps to protect tenants from unexpected costly claims from the landlord either when they exit their lease, or it comes to an end. When returning a property to the Landlord at the end of the lease, it is important for tenants to meet their liabilities, without exceeding their legal obligations.

If you are a landowner, or buyer, then it is important to make sure that you maintain your asset. Therefore establishing the condition of the property from the outset is a wise precursor to putting in place a planned maintenance schedule. Please also see our Planned Maintenance Schedules

Property Matters!