Rent Reviews

Is it Rent Review time again?
Are you uncertain as to what to do?
Who should you speak to?

Have you ever questioned whether you are paying too much rent for your commercial property? Would you like a free rental assessment, based on the terms of your lease?

Whether in times of austerity, like now, or whether the markets are flourishing, businesses should never be wasteful of their limited resources and should always be looking for ways of making important savings to be more profitable.

Far too many businesses assume that their rental overheads are fixed. Any increases that are introduced by the landlord at a rent review are more often than not simply accepted. In today’s market place, there are huge numbers of businesses that are paying over and above market rent and could be saving thousands of pounds simply by seeking the specialist advice, that we can give.

Most leases document predetermined dates for rent reviews, during which landlords generally try to increase the rent. Historically the trend has been upwardEven if you accept nominal increases in today’s market, you could be making a big mistake?

We use extensive market knowledge, comparable evidence and skilled negotiation to either minimise rent increases during a review or even reduce your rent!

We can give you:

  • A free assessment of your rental value*
  • Peace of mind that the rent is right when we have finished
  • The benefit of access to our database of comparable evidence
  • Use of our skilled negotiators to agree any changes to your lease terms and rent payable
  • The use of specialists to establish rental levels and other more specific terms

*excluding travel costs

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