Site Finding Service

Do you need to find cheaper premises?
Are you looking to expand and need more space?
Set up on your own?
Struggling to find the right location?

We can find the right site for you. Whether its just a room with shared facilities or a brand new purpose built building that you are after, then let us find it for you.

Many Businesses waste valuable time and money spending months combing the commercial market for accommodation that’s right, often paying more than they should.  Not seeking professional advice on lease negotiations can lead to such things as poor terms, no “get out” clauses, paying over the odds. We can provide the one stop shop, do all the running for you Finding the most suitable premises for you requirements achieving the best possible deal for today and the duration of your lease.

We have access to a huge database of availability throughout the UK and failing that, then we usually know someone
who can, with our fantastic network of contacts with property agents throughout the UK.

What we can do for you:

  • Establish precisely your specific requirements and needs.
  • Find an assortment of properties for you that fit your criterion.
  • Shortlist the properties we find with you, allowing you to see them all.
  • Review with you, in detail, the shortlisted properties. Arrange accompanied site visits to all or some of
    the shortlisted properties.
  • Negotiate the best terms, that suit you, with the seller or landlord, of the chosen property.
  • Help you make the right choice. As rent and acquisition costs are too often the biggest costs within a business, we will therefore do our very best to make sure that you choose wisely and make the right decision and get the
    best value.

We are sure that you appreciate such skills are of a specialist nature and require a great deal of expertise and experience. Using us will take all those worries away from you, so that you can carry on focussing your energies on your business.

Property Matters!